Allowing Reality to run the show

Love's Beginning

Today we encourage you to see through fake reality to Reality. At any point during the day when you feel disturbed, when you feel any sense of threat or contraction, anything other than peace and flow, remember this: When you don’t feel good, you are treating fake reality–the world ego made–as if it is all there is.

You know this is not true, so reach underneath that for the foundational Reality–the only true one. Ask Reality to dictate all of your actions to you today. All else is insanity, denial of what is Real. Give thanks for the sense of alarm that tells you your focus has shifted to insanity.

We want you to remember that within this illusion your role is very clear, and it is given to you. Your role is not something for you to decide upon. Your role is not something you try hard to enact…

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