X22 REPORT, March 3, 2019

The Economic Crisis Will Expose The [CB] – Episode 1805a

Once the UK breaks away from the European Union, the US is ready to make a bilateral trade with the UK, this will benefit the UK and the US. Other countries are ready and willing. There are two economies that running simultaneously at the same time, the [CB] which is imploding and the Patriot economy which we are about to transition into. Trump gave a speech at CPAC and hit the Fed very hard and he also explained how manufacturing and jobs are coming back to the US.


The End Is Near, There’s No Place To Hide – Episode 1805b

37% of the people believed Cohen during his testimony. Russia says ready to have peace talks with the US and Venezuela. Q drops more bread, the clock is ticking down, gives the world a refresher course on what to expect. The end is near and the declass is coming very soon.

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