True Knowledge transcends the physical

Love's Beginning

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Knowledge is not something that you accumulate in the physical. Knowledge is not facts and figures. Let’s use language to show a distinction. If you’re going to use the word knowledge to describe what people observe to be physically true of this world, then we invite you to use the word Knowing to represent “true knowledge.” There is fake knowledge that is part of the game of space and time you are playing, and then there is true knowledge, remembrance of the fact that what you experience here is just a game.

So to be clear, when we refer to fact and figure accumulation, we can call that knowledge. It is world-based, not Reality-based. It is illusion-based. It is fundamentally unstable. When we refer to that which assists you in returning to Truth, we call that Knowing. This is only a temporary distinction for your assistance. There is no…

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