The Galactic Red Pill Hour, March 2, 2019, BBS Talk Radio / Jenny Constantine

ECETI Star Gate Official YouTube Channel


With Special Guest: Jenny Constantine.

Jenny is a YouTube presenter and professional tarot reader/psychic intuitive. She is passionately involved in researching and reporting on the large-scale exposure of internal corruption in all levels of government, mental health/medical industries, Hollywood, and mainstream media. Some of her points of research & reporting are human/child trafficking, milabs, Hermetics, and the occult, MK ultra and ancestral/nature magic. She was born in March of 1989 to American Diplomats during wartime conflict in Panama and has spent more than half her childhood raised overseas and was fortunate enough to have gone to prestigious schools in Italy and Hungary. Her perspective gained from a tumultuous childhood has led her on a mission to shine a light on all the dark and uncomfortable things that nobody bothered to acknowledge. She feels a duty and responsibility to mankind to produce efforts on the surface and share with the world what she’s learned here. From as early as she can remember, her life has been riddled with psychic phenomenon, visitations, dysfunctional/toxic family relationships, and an ever-burning desire to reveal the deception. She has since learned to control and employ the use of her gifts to help others and currently offers in-depth psychic readings and uses her YouTube channel as a platform with which speak out on behalf of all children who fall victim to corruption.

Her YouTube channel is Jenny Constantine…

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