One of the Greatest Gifts: Discernment [video] ~ March 2, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Besides death and taxes, one other thing is certain: No one will give
us discernment, and you can’t buy it. We have to work for it—and HARD!
It’s a lesson from the school of hard knocks that we present to ourselves.

I hadn’t planned on writing this one, but two things prompted it. One
was a comment from a reader (more on that below) and the other was a
Tweet on Twitter. The synergy of inspiration!

When we awaken to the deplorable situation on our planet and answer
the call to find out how something so evil could have been allowed to
happen, we educate ourselves, practice on the job, emulate others—and
fall down.

It’s not lethal, and we can’t blame anyone but ourselves for the
skinned knees. We get up, dust ourselves off, and continue the education
process, practice some more, and when we look back we…

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