Tree transmission: Be yourself, wherever you may find yourself.

Mystic Wolf Soulcrafts

I met a tree today and his name was Edgar.  He was the guardian tree of the flank of the hill. It’s a hill full of trees, with on one side a playground, he was right next to the playground. He seemed kind of out of place, too majestic and tall and wide and strong..
He deserved to be somewhere higher on top of the hill, or further away from the playground..
edgarHe allowed me in his field and we had an energy exchange.
I was held by his vibration and allowed to hear his thoughts and feel his feelings.
His message was:

“It doesn’t matter where you are, what your surroundings are. Because you are still you, it doesn’t matter where you find yourself. It does not take away from your being, it does not take away from your sovereignty. It does not take away from your energy. Be…

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Sophia – ONE & the end of days ~ March 3, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Hello everyone and welcome to March!

have a beautiful conversation to share today, that took place quite
early this morning. There are some startling changes taking place for me
and those closest to me right now. They are not bad, I would even say
they are necessary when you step back a bit and look at what we are
proceeding through overall. Yet they are unexpected and demand of a bit
of fortitude to proceed through. What I sense about this moment we enter
is that it requires constant consciousness. It means to ask us if we
are serious about this, and if so, we have to rise up and push through
all of the fear and uncertainty. This is not a time to rest on habit. It
is a moment of action.

Here are a few unusual news items that I found intriguing:

Strange new island or mere…

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Earth and the Inhabitants are Going Through a Major Shift Right Now! ~ March 3, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Christina Lavers-Here
is the summary of the online session. Please remember each journey is
completely unique in terms of type of information accessed as well as
style of delivery. Sessions are often highly personal. This one feels
like it may be relevant to many so is being shared with permission and
personal details removed.

“Higher Dimensional Beings, Starseeds, Gaians, and the Projected People

Higher Self stated that this time is a very important shift in
consciousness and understood reality for Gaia, and her children, the
Gaians. The population of actual native Gaians consists of close to, but
not, half of the total population of Earth. Gaia and her children are
the actual ones who are truly experiencing this shift, the rest are here
to help or here to spectate. From what was being told to me, these
Gaians have almost always, if not always, incarnated here on this

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333: ‘Divine Align’ Higher Timeline Opportunities, Next Steps INvitation

SoulFullHeart Healing

By Kalayna Colibri

It’s 333 Day today! A powerful time to feel where you truly are right now, to acknowledge yourself for where you’ve been, and to see the illumination of where you’ve yet to go… it’s a day for conscious creativity, to see how your creativity has expressed, and to feel your intentions for your creative flow from now on. ‘Divine Align’ comes to mind and heart right now, but of course this can be much easier said than done… the journey into this alignment is truly one of exploring and refining your integrity, feeling parts of you that are afraid of being vulnerable and truly admitting when they are out of integrity, and being courageous enough to take those steps into the deeper truth of this.

We are creative beings. We can’t stop creating. There are new opportunities to create and recreate starting from inside of us in…

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4 March 2019 Against the Grain — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


We’ll do anything not to deal with the unpleasant and the outrageous; it seems smart to just ignore things, but at the same time we’re aware that can’t possibly be a good idea–in fact, we know it inclines the mind to fantasize–we just can’t help but fill in the blanks! Though normally we want flow […]

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The Original Seeding of Earth

The Shift of Time and Energy!

seeding earth

There is so very much to share today and I have GiGi duties soon and then I’m off to court with my son tomorrow as he fights for custody of his son. So this is going to be a quicky but I hope filled with as much information as my fingers can release in an hour.

The second super powers meditation class last night, OMG how rich and filled with great understanding of how the earth was originally seeded. I also realize, there is a large scale effort to restore it back it its original essence of Life. The greatest challenge for us assisting in that effort, is getting out of our stories and understandings to allow ourselves to go back before there was a story, before anything was here on earth.

To allow ourselves to reunite with the parts of us that were on other realms, on other planets…

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Let me see you as you Are

Love's Beginning

When we have the intention to see everyone else as they truly Are, we can experience ourselves as we truly Are, flowing in the peace and harmony that is our shared and true identity. We have some healing to accept on our way out of distorted identity, and that healing is always available to us. When we combine the power of the divine roles that are always being played out all around us with the power of the healed perception that is always available to us from our nonphysical teams, we cannot go wrong.

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 6 – Let me see you as you Are

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The Galactic Red Pill Hour, March 2, 2019, BBS Talk Radio / Jenny Constantine

ECETI Star Gate Official YouTube Channel


With Special Guest: Jenny Constantine.

Jenny is a YouTube presenter and professional tarot reader/psychic intuitive. She is passionately involved in researching and reporting on the large-scale exposure of internal corruption in all levels of government, mental health/medical industries, Hollywood, and mainstream media. Some of her points of research & reporting are human/child trafficking, milabs, Hermetics, and the occult, MK ultra and ancestral/nature magic. She was born in March of 1989 to American Diplomats during wartime conflict in Panama and has spent more than half her childhood raised overseas and was fortunate enough to have gone to prestigious schools in Italy and Hungary. Her perspective gained from a tumultuous childhood has led her on a mission to shine a light on all the dark and uncomfortable things that nobody bothered to acknowledge. She feels a duty and responsibility to mankind to produce efforts on the surface and share with the world what she’s learned here. From as early as she can remember, her life has been riddled with psychic phenomenon, visitations, dysfunctional/toxic family relationships, and an ever-burning desire to reveal the deception. She has since learned to control and employ the use of her gifts to help others and currently offers in-depth psychic readings and uses her YouTube channel as a platform with which speak out on behalf of all children who fall victim to corruption.

Her YouTube channel is Jenny Constantine…