X22 REPORT & SPOTLIGHT, March 1, 2019

The World Is Telegraphing An Economic Message, Do You Hear It – Episode 1804a

The Australian housing market is not doing well, it is in decline. The Government told first time home buyers to get into the housing market and then it started to decline. Real spending crashes, but savings increase. The MSM and others are reporting that the tax refunds are low this year because of Trump’ tax policies, it turns out the refunds are up 1.3 %. The Fed is keeping the interest rates steady, the next time they meet will be in March, control is the name of the game. BRICS, Russia, China, and Europe are creating their own payment systems.


Carpet Bombs Are Ok, It’s All About To Change, T Minus 18 & Counting – Episode 1804b

AOC tweeted out that it was Donald Trump Jr who was involved in a criminal conspiracy, turns out to be false. Trump is hitting hard against, Cohen, the DOJ/FBI who were involved in spying on him and many other crimes. Trump is setting the stage for the MOAB. Trump makes an unexpected stop in Alaska to visit the troops. It seems the President of Afghanistan is sabotaging the peace talks. [DS] ready to deliver aid to Venezuela, beware of a FF. Q drops a single post and tells us that the countdown continues and get ready for tactical hits.




Truth Is On The Side Of The Patriot, Nothing Can Stop What Happens Next: Harley Schlanger

Today’s Guest: Harley Schlanger

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