X22 REPORT, February 28, 2019

Think Mirror, This Is A Battle Between Good And Evil, Patriot’s Move Coming – Episode 1803b

The Cohen show is now over and the take-a-ways are amazing, Cohen lied, broke laws and confirmed that there was no collusion. Jordan and Meadows refer Cohen to the DOJ for lying. The Summit with NK ended without a deal or is this part of the deal. Trump is the master of making a deal, he will wait and Kim Jong Un will contact him to make the final deal, this is a power play. The [DS] played their hand, they might try a couple more but the patriots have the facts and the truth when Q said that FISA is going to bring down the house Q was talking about the corrupt people in the house.

Bringing Down The [CB] Is Now In Motion – Episode 1803a

The banks are a lot smarter since the 2008 great recession, instead of the large banks making the mortgages they pushed the loan making off to shadow banks. This is going to be a disaster when the economy enters a recession and real estate bubble pops. GDP came in a lot higher than expected. Trade deals with China are much more important than everyone thinks. The Supreme Court ruled that the World Bank has lost its immunity to lawsuits. The takedown of the [CB] system is in motion

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