X22 REPORTS, February 13, 2019

The Call Goes Out, The Move Against The [CB]s Begin – Episode 1790a

The European economy is in a recession or almost there, they are the weak link to the global economy. More people are out of the food stamp program than ever before. This is part of the plan to reduce the dependency on government. Howard Schultz rips apart the Green Deal. The D’s are pushing the idea that because of Trump people are not getting big refunds, very misleading. Italy pushes the idea to get rid of or restructure the [CB]. In the TBAC minutes, they make reference that the dollar might not be the reserve currency.


Military Exercises In Multiple Cities, Arrests, We Have The Watch – Episode 1790b

Stone files motion to show CNN knew about the raid because they were tipped off. MSNBC admits that there is no Russian collusion. Sara Carter wonders should those who lied to Congress and to the public should there be repercussions. Brennan is in a deep panic. Nunes pushes to bust those who lied to Congress. North Korea and South Korea want to host the Olympics together.  Flynn changes his background to his family crest. Military exercises taking place in cities and Norad is holding an exercise in Washington DC. They have the watch.

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