Space Oddities: What the Hell is Going on Up There? [videos] ~ February 12, 2019

Mysteries in Earth’s atmosphere…

Rose Rambles...

This breaking news from the Russian satellite is most intriguing. It
relates to large “booms” heard for some time that remain unexplained and
we get some fascinating info here that perhaps the control freaks
wouldn’t want out. We know we’re not seeing the reality of what is going
on in space. Perhaps this recent Russian satellite will bring some
reality to our fake world.

RUSSIAN Satellite Just Saw WHAT Above EARTH??

New and current (2019) footage from NASA cameras reveals many
unexplainable visuals making it appear we here on Earth/Terra have been

Why are the craft we see around the sun so often described as “giant” or “massive”?

Ever since Yellow Rose for Texas showed us the giant thumb
at the sun I can’t grasp scale any longer, and she tells us we don’t see
the planets as they really are. In her videos, planets are ships—and
there are…

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