Your Sunday Digest for February 10, 2019: Our Wild & Wacky Journey [videos] ~ February 10, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Hello possums! Are you enjoying the trip? Sailing on the good ship Luna Sea isn’t easy. It’s never been easy, in any of our lifetimes for most of us and this journey is no different.

What’s different is, we can now see the shore. The dove of peace has
returned to the ship with a twig from an olive tree and we will see
wondrous change in our collective lifetime. We will see peace on Earth.

We, the creators, are facilitating the birth of our new world as we
learn about our reality and assimilate the grand possibilities we could
never see before.

Some are having difficulty making the shift from negative to
positive, but that’s okay. Once they see that there are only a few
alligators to navigate to get to shore they’ll realize it’s no biggie
and we’re equipped to deal with them. They gnash their teeth in…

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