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Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, in terms of daily life, you are in the present. I wonder, does the present mean between one moment and another? That is: Where does the present exist?

It’s clear to Me there is no past that resides. There is no time after all. Time can only be transient. There is no way that Infinity and Eternity can be staggered in separate spaces. Wholeness is Wholeness.

Infinity is more than a pillow you sleep on. Yes, Infinity is a comfort, yet Infinity amounts to more than comfort. What is it about life that you want to get to the heart of things? What is it exactly about life that it wants to be absorbed? Or is it you who wants to know about life ceremoniously or definitively?

If life wants to be known, what is there about life that wants to know itself ceremoniously and definitively? What…

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