A Pleiadian Message ~ February 10, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: This is an “automatic writing” message that I received at 1900 on Sunday, Feb. 10. This is the first message from the Pleiadians I have ever received and is listed below. Please read this message, let it speak to your heart, and be…



Hello, We are the Pleiadians and have come into your presence to answer questions you may have about your current situation here on Earth. Many of you, humanity that is, are very tired and so very ready for a change in the current geo-political environment in which you dwell…tired of the constant struggle for survival and, more importantly… tired of living without joy in your foreseeable lives.

We seek to help you understand that you current plight is NOT FOREVER. In fact, relief is about to occur quite “soon”…sooner that you realize or expect. NOW is the time we ask that each of…

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