X22 Report & American Intelligence Media on the SOTU Occult Messages [videos] ~ February 6, 2019

Rose Rambles...

The State of the Union address was not your typical SOTU—at least not what we ever heard from previous Presidents.

We all know Trump broke the mold and he provides a great deal of
extra information in his Tweets and speeches if you’re paying attention.

And man, do the patriots pay attention! Patriots with video tech go
through Trump’s appearances and they zoom in and analyze everything and
everyONE with a magnifying glass. Nothing gets past them and they don’t
miss a trick; like newbie Kyrsten Sinema standing and clapping for
Trump’s declarations and getting a slap upside the head from her
adjacent counterpart.

Another example… Dave mentions in his X22 Report the suit that the
(newish) CIA Director Gina Haspel wore with “white hats” on it. Truly!
We didn’t know how to read Haspel when she was confirmed but perhaps she
is on the side of the People. Dave…

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