Music Generates New Brain Neurons ~ Feb. 7, 2018

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Editor’s Note: In my study of Music Theory, I learned music is a form of vibratory sensation using wavelengths of sound to stimulate the human brain who recieves these wavelengths primarily (not the only way!) through the ears.

Harmony, or the recognition of sound wavelengths that do not combat each other, is the basis for pleasant-sounding, well…sounds! Perhaps this unconscious reason why I named my first pet dog “Harmony”! Please read this article, understand how music can provide healing (more info coming about this in the near future!), and be…



ByBarbara Minton

the universal language of mood, emotion, and feeling, orchestrates a
wide variety of neural systems to cast its evocative spell.Researchers
have discovered evidence that music stimulates regions of the brain
responsible for memory, language, and motor control.They have located
specific areas of mental activity linked to the emotional responses
elicited by music. This knowledge…

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The New Deception: the “Sexy, Spiritual, Successful, Goddess”

Laura Matsue

These days women are not only haunted by the usual Matrix images in the media telling them what to look like, what to eat, and how to live (lifestyle porn) but even in the spiritual community women are now being programmed through the whole “spiritual goddess” and “vegan yogi” culture-trends to be another thing: sexy, successful, perfect and of course, ultra-spiritual, demi-gods who are “manifestors of abundance” (who can teach you how to be like them!) along with a whole other bunch of New Age catchphrases that present a new certain stereotype of how the “spiritual woman” should look like, act like, and be like.


Every course, teacher, article, retreat who promises others how to be a “conscious man” or “conscious woman” or tells others how to be the “divine feminine” or “divine masculine” and then lists a certain set of attributes for others to emulate in order to embody…

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Things Are VERY Different In 2019 — HighHeartLife – Denise LeFay


We’re only a week into February 2019, and it’s very clear that energetically things have changed considerably. Much more to come throughout this year so be flexible in all ways because quote unquote “reality” is in grand and glorious transmutation now more than ever before due to the current physical level Separation of Worlds. And […]

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The Tai Chi Dynamics of Living in Our Buddha Nature

The Tai Chi Dynamics of Living in Our Buddha Nature

The Hearts Center Community

Manjushri’s teaching on the Tai Chi dynamics of living in our Buddha Nature was delivered through David Christopher Lewis, spiritual teacher, and author, during the free daily morning broadcast with prayers, meditations, and songs, February 6, 2019.

Join heart friends around the world in Aquarian prayer and meditation, services, conferences, pilgrimages, and Meru University spiritual courses.

Learn spiritual sciences from ascended masters such as Saint Germain, Mother Mary, El Morya, Jesus, and Gautama Buddha. Be filled with love in the NOW.

Trump’s State of Union – Reactions

TRUMP’S STATE OF THE UNION:  Reading Between the Lines

Craig Mason’s Reasonable Conversation Channel

Loud and clear? Or just clearly loud?


2019 SOTU Winners and Losers

Lori Colley

A look at some of the highlights and lowlights of the State of the Union Address, plus news about Mueller, Jeffrey Epstein, Pocahontas, Stacey Abrams, and the soap opera in Virginia.


Move Over Neil deGrasse Tyson: Here’s the REAL Top Astronomer and He Knows… [video]

Captain's Blog

It’s time to get real. There is overwhelming evidence that we are not alone in the Universe and every government on the planet knows it. Some of them (like Russia) share it with their people but not in America. No, the lies and coverups rage on in the West.

We’re sick of the fake experts such as disinfo agent Neil deGrasse Tyson (like a 3-part name equals credibility) telling us in North America what our reality is from an entertainment standpoint.

Space isn’t about entertainment, it’s about who we are and where we’re going. The disinformation is designed to tell us nothing, keep us small, and discourage conjecture and research.

It also prevents the unsuspecting from realizing our true history on Earth and what forces shaped what is happening in front of our eyes today that most inhabitants cannot see because their beliefs colour their world and filter what is…

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Boundaries – The Greatest Sign of Self Love & Respect

The Best You

Boundaries 1

The first step to healthier relationships is to set and share boundaries. This may be boundaries ranging from “I can’t play at any soccer games on Sunday” or “I do not feel comfortable/safe talking to Jake because he is a bad influence so I will leave the room anytime he’s present in respects to myself.” Some of the time you don’t have to share your boundaries with the other person (like in the Jake example above). However, if you plan to still keep a relationship with the person it is crucial you communicate your boundaries. Over time, this will create real and meaningful connection – as you both share your wants, needs and feelings. This will also help validate both parties as you are being responsible for your own needs and supporting the other person to do the same.

So what are the steps? 

  1. Clearly state your boundaries, including the…

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