Pelosi’s Jewelry Tells Hidden Message to Deep State

AIM Truth Bits

Betsy and Thomas explain the hidden meaning behind the lapel pin Nancy Pelosi was wearing during the State of the Union. Then Thomas explains why the Democrats want to murder our babies. Make sure to watch the screen shots for discreet messages to viewers.

Feel free to use the images and memes embedded in the video and below to educate and enlighten your circle of influence.

Pelosi’s Lapel Pin Tells Hidden Message to Deep State

The legal to lie memes can be found here:

It is Legal to Lie to Congress


coming after our babies.

Assange proof of life 2.

ruth missing in action.ruth proof of life.

Bring Out your Dead


where is ruth 8.

.where is ruth 4.

.where is ruth 6ruth in glass.

where is ruth 10.

proof of life ginsberg.

demand proof of life ginsberg.

proof that ginsberg is alive.

GInsberg toad.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Dead


Where in the world is Ruth Bader Ginsburg?


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The Astrology of SOTU 2019: A Call to “Greatness” —


I kept checking the site early yesterday evening, and kept noticing a 9:10 p.m. time given for the start of the SOTU address. Interesting. Hmmm. Had the address begun at 9:00 p.m. as otherwise advertised, it would have put the 29th degree of critical, analytic Virgo on the Ascendant. But delaying it by just…

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New You



Your New Life is already here
Wether you are acknowledging it or not
You may tend to not believe
Or await to find out somethimg is wrong
Its up to you to let go of your old ways of thinking, conditioned for your survival.
You are Here
At the beginning of a Beautiful New Chapter in your Life
Stand Tall
Look up at the Sun Shining at You
Every little doubt or fear that creeps up on you
Shoo it away!
Or ask The Divine
To Purify your thoughts
Every negative thought will hinder the Beauty that is upon you
Await and expect Beauty
Maintain your high vibration
Remain connected to your Light
And continue to attract
Light and Joy to you
Allow yourself to Dream
To drift away and envision your Best Wishes
Wander and Play
Dont block yourself
Stay a while in this Energy
And Nurture…

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7 February 2019 Rebel Vs. Sage — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


The stars of this energy show are surely Uranus, taking to the ice as the individual in desperate need of Self-expression (in the 29th degree of Aries), feeling like it’s the last chance they’ll get, and who comes out of the wings as counter-balance but Pallas, the epitome of wisdom and practicality, strapping them on […]

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Awakening Your Subconscious ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Rainbow Wave of Light

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have brought forth the energies necessary to link you up to that which is subconscious within you and to bring those subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and memories to the light. We have been sprinkling these energies into every single one of our transmissions since we began speaking through this particular channel, and you all are benefitting from having access to those thoughts, beliefs, and memories that had been hidden in your subconscious.

You are increasing your level of awareness through your willingness to receive these transmissions. Now, you are also able to see more clearly some of the motivations that lie beneath your actions. We are talking about the actions you have specifically taken to bring yourselves into a more enlightened spiritual state of being.

Sometimes you have let those subconscious thoughts and beliefs steer…

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Stay Simple from Now On | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, We are in sync. Despite all your shenanigans, We are on the same page. We have the same heartbeat. And We love as One, One undeniable One. Who are We unless We are One? What are We doing here if We are less than One? We are not less than One. There is no less than One. I affirm Our Oneness. I am not Jiminy Cricket. I am Oneness, The One of One. Nor are you less than the One of One. Two do not exist.

We share the same heritage. Be innocent. There is no suspicion to add to this. Be innocent. It is meant to be easy to be innocent. C’mon, what do you think “Hallow-ed be thy name means?”

You are not a carbon copy. You are not a copy. You are at the forefront. You can always find Me. You don’t have to…

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Kevin Shipp – Big Indictment is Coming!


Edward Snowden

Former CIA operative who has spoken out about the US deep state.

Kevin Shipp is a retired CIA spook and whistleblower. He has exposed the US deep state and charged the CIA with systematically use of unconstitutional and illegal measures to terrorize employees to prevent them from becoming whistleblowers.

Mini Reading for Today ~ Self Respect

Archangels and Devas Blog

Afford yourself respect! Give yourself the
time of day! Don’t just rush through your day without a thought for the
greatest part of you that is waiting patiently in the wings for you to
acknowledge its presence. Don’t you know that without connecting to your
divinity you are losing something vital?

Your Divinity, aka Me, can assist you in maintaining a high profile in your energetic field of resonance – which would help you to connect into all that you are hoping to accomplish right now. How can you ever hope to accomplish your manifestations without Divine assistance? Do you not know that in order to manifest a certain desired outcome it is imperative that you cast your net wide! If you insist on only focusing on the finite world around you, you are missing out on a great deal of energy that you can put to use, that would…

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