DEMONrats: What’s for dinner? – American Intelligence Media

DEMONrats: What’s for dinner? – American Intelligence Media

American Intelligence Media

The Democratic Party has “passed” these “laws” trying to limit Presidential power

  • Suspending the Holman Law
  • Suspending the Electoral College – virtual signaling before illegal aliens to vote Democratic Party
  • Mueller can’t be stopped – his coup d’etat can continue, in control of DOJ & FBI
  • Trump can’t stop war – the military-industrial complex wants WAR
  • RINOs also voted for this
  • Full-term abortions (Virginia and New York) – murder
  • Democrats want Northam to resign, he is a eugenist
  • Planned Parenthood, election campaign fraud
  • U.S. Aid to foreign countries, $86 Billion
  • 90% tax on billionaires
  • Taking over healthcare
  • Make it illegal to cut taxes
  • Planks for Democratic Party for 2020 – WAR, TAXES, MURDER, OPEN BORDERS
  • Ethics Bill – things the President cannot do while in office
  • Diane Feinstein wants to continue all immigration violations, separating “families”,  catch & release to human trafficking, organ trafficking, sex trafficking  – Stop Family Separation
  • Bills banning all semi-automatic weapons
  • Democrats want to take away ALL guns
  • Minimum $15 per hour wage destroys the economy
  • Supporting the Maduro dictator regime in Venezuela (Socialist Fascist regime)
  • Open Borders
  • Amnesty for all 25 million illegal aliens in America – 22 million are recognized by the FBI, all criminals who came into this country
  • Abolish ICE


The Democrats are going insane.


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