Rise of the Feminine & The Fall of Corrupt Kings ~ February 3, 2019


Rose Rambles...

The return of the feminine light is celebrated today on St. Brigid’s Day. Traditionally a candle is lit to honor and celebrate the return of the feminine fire that brings nature back to life from winter’s slumber.

As the ice melts and the flowers bud, I was moved to honor this High Holy feminine day with an article about the Rise of the Feminine and the Fall of the Corrupt Kings.

We live in a very exciting time when the Divine Feminine power returns to earth. We are seeing the results of her return before our very eyes.

The Goddess awakens on the world stage and has some clean-up to do. We are witnessing the exposure of sexual abuses of women embedded in institutions like Hollywood, the Catholic Church and other “spiritual” organizations.

A great change is occurring as the Divine Feminine awakens from thousands of years of forced slumber.

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