Kevin Shipp – Who is Barack Obama?

Kevin Shipp – Who is Barack Obama?

Edward Snowden (channel)

Kevin Shipp is a retired CIA spook and whistleblower. He has exposed the US deep state and charged the CIA with systematically use of unconstitutional and illegal measures to terrorize employees to prevent them from becoming whistleblowers.
We’re witnessing a war between the Trump administration and the intelligence community (FBI / CIA).  John Brennan has been identified as the secret leader of the Deep State within the United States.  John Brennan is a practicing Wahhabism Moslem and supported Obama’s efforts to import radical Muslims (Muslim Brotherhood) into America.  There are moles throughout the intelligence community, National Security Administration, and CIA.
Obama has been supported by G. Soros, radical Muslim, anti-Christian, subversive agent planted in the United States.  He is spearheading a movement to remove Trump from the Presidency.   He was a Trojan horse, Marxist (“progressivism”) seeking to undermine the Constitution.  He wants to eliminate the foundation of America, wanting to implement a globalist agenda here.
The mainstream media is owned by five international corporations — they fail to cover important events, have planted fake flag events.  Ties back into the Committee on Foreign Relations and the banking cartels.  The MSM does NOT touch certain things — it is CONTROLLED.  Operation Mockingbird is still in effect… as a “voluntary” program.  The media is STATE RUN.  They continue to push a FALSE narrative.

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