The Walls That Trump Built

The Walls That Trump Built

James Red Pills America

Trump aims at splintering the Democratic Party.  The Wall, Venezuela, the Democratic “Leaders”, the “new” radical Dimmocrats…

THIS IS BRILLIANT!! Watch a magnificently executed two-pronged strategy materialize as #POTUS #Trump fully and fearlessly exposes the true nature of the scandalous and scheming Dirty Democrats – in a number of ways. Trump has manipulated the factions within the democrat party to turn against each other and you have a front-row seat to the daringly, delightful demise of the demented DoDo’s…..the Democrats. Based on the works of #Rex, this fascinating journey into the world of espionage and dirty politics will have you on the edge of your seat the entire way through – and then leave you with some joyful tears and lumps in throats, and then, finally, with some great music, specifically designed to complement this masterful piece of work. Enjoy, Patriots and remember, #WWG1WGA! #QAnon #TrustThePlan

2 thoughts on “The Walls That Trump Built

  1. I’m so happy there is this blog n that the spiritual this community gets it! I live in California and get very concern that people don’t see the manipulation from the dark state! People approach me because I’m Hispanic, a woman n an immigrant n automatically think I’m a democrat !! I can’t believe they can see truth ! A wall is essential! Look at Canada our sister country and we could not even deplane American citizens!!!

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