The DARK HISTORY of the SUPER BOWL ~ February 2, 2019

Rose Rambles...

“The Dark History of the Super Bowl” takes a deep dive into the origins of the big game: The word “entertainment” can be traced back to old French and Latin with its roots meaning “to hold” and “to keep someone in a certain frame of mind”, and there’s no greater annual entertainment event that captivates the masses quite like the “big game”. Professional football’s annual ritual, the Super Bowl, has transformed from a mere championship game to an economic juggernaut and cultural force, garnering more viewership than any measly presidential debate. Every year, friends and family gather around the television to watch the big game, the most die-hard fans cheering for the team they view as an extension of themselves, and the most luke-warm viewers just watching for the commercials. While this one moment a year serves as the the most universal, shared cultural experience across the United States, the…

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