Who is Backing Trump, Exactly, And What are THOSE? [videos] ~ February 1, 2019

Rather than “aliens”, they might be “extraterrestrials”, i.e., as in beings who don’t live on Earth. Or, as some of you are aware, we already have two space forces competing against each other in space. Why is that so hard to get your mind around? Open it up and smell the coffee. The world is so much greater than you know…

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Is it mere coincidence that Trump was able to defeat the witch despite massive voter fraud, etc. in 2017? Is it NOW mere coincidence that Trump is able to seeming “do” everything “just right” in his campaign to end the evil structure of the government of USA? And the world? Are Trump and Putin compatriots working together on a mission to save the Earth from the self-destruction promised by the dark forces on our world? Why does he have the name he does (trump means wining by ranking above all others of a different suit)?

Are these the actions and capabilities of a mere human mortal acting on his own? For me, it is quite obvious that Trump is aided, by alien means unknown to us, or…perhaps is an alien himself! Hasn’t Trump himself said, “You do not know who you are dealing with”?

These are interesting times…

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