Yowie reports from Australia

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

Source: The Fortean

Great Yowie Stories

Nothing about the Yowie phenomenon is straightforward. Reports can lead you in strange directions and ‘evidence’ is often confusing or contradictory. One case that perfectly illustrates this problem took place in the Northern Territory in August 1997. A convincing witness and terrific story but the supporting evidence is just – well, weird.

The single witness was Katrina Tucker, a mango farmer from Acacia Hills, about an hour’s drive south from Darwin. Katrina was a great witness, and we talked several times by phone and once in person at her home in early 1998.

Katrina and researcher Tony Healy at the site of the incident.

Starting in about 1992, she and her husband had heard strange cries emanating from a wild region to the east of their farm. They were high-pitched, like those of a howler monkey. Whenever they occurred, her Doberman and German shepherd…

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