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Schumann Resonance Today – Update ~ January 13,2019

It IS happening folks, cosmic energies (usually gamma photon waves) are here to change our DNA, change our hearts leading us to change our minds and thoughts about the manner in which we handle life.

I AM experiencing a traumatic increase in hearing a tone in my ears (head?) which started consistently for me yesterday evening and is still (more) evident today. From this I will conclude that significant energies are still encompassing the Earth at 1000 MST.

Another personal observation is the our Sun is more brilliant than usual…white hot in intensity leading me to think our Sun is changing as well. I have read our Sun is experiencing it’s own magnetic change turning itself “inside out” which is exactly what is happening to mankind as buried “stuff” is being brought to the surface and released.Anywonder why the Earth’s magnetic fields are…

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