Mark Taylor on the McFiles 1-8-19… “What’s Going on in 2019”

Kauilapele's Blog

I decided to record this interview (via Periscope and on Twitter) and post it here. Often I listen to shows such as these with Mark Taylor, as they convey a message of “hope” and a positive outlook for what is coming, particularly in 2019.

One of the things that Mark Taylor does is to expose the deep state and point out where they are acting and how they are “going down”. He points out that the CIA has infiltrated churches and spiritual organizations in an attempt to keep people “confused and imprisoned”.

I have learned to listen to a variety of venues for information about the Ascension and the deep state, and this includes those who talk about “God” (which I would perhaps term, “The Universe”), Jesus, and/or the “Holy Spirit” (which I would term, “Higher Guidance”), et al. He often speaks of moving out of the old paradigm…

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