2019: Inner Life and Synchronic Supermoons

13:20 FREQUENCY SHIFT Kin 80: Yellow Lunar Sun, Clear sign P.V.

It will appear that all those who cannot change are regressing only because the spiral accelerates so quickly. Once you are on the train, it is not you who are moving, but the train that is moving you. Those who missed the train stand still but appear to recede until they are no longer visible. –Valum Votan

Twenty-nineteen marks the 437th year that we have used the illogical Gregorian calendar.

January 1 began on Yellow Electric Star, Kin 68, followed 20 days later by the lunar eclipse on Kin 88, Yellow Planetary Star (January 21, 2019).

This eclipse also marks the  75th day of our 260 day cycle of Cosmic Healing, which began on Kin 13 (November 7, 2018) and concludes on Kin 13 (July 25, 2019).https://1320frequencyshift.com/2018/11/08/260-days-of-cosmic-healing/

The intention of this 260-day cycle is to keep our eye on the Divine…

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