A gift of magic by an angel from heaven

Sasquatch Close Encounter Network for Interspecies Communication

By SunBôw

A gift of magic by an angel from heaven.

Gratitude. Heaven sent me a graceful angel…  🙏

What a fantastic blessing this morning! I saw a very rare Raven white as snow fly around in circles; first time in my life. I watched for a couple minutes before I ran for my camera, but by the time I got it ready, he was out of sight, so I googled these photos.

White Ravens are really rare, they have been reported regularly on Central Vancouver Island, but reports elsewhere are extremely rare. Biologists evaluate their total population to be in the single digits even in the areas where they are most seen.

The Inuit say that Sasquatch can turn into a White Raven. In the Seven Grandfathers Teachings of the Anishnabe, one of the seven is Misabe (Sasquatch), sometimes replaced by Raven.

Raven has been my first…

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