To Be Among the Brave | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, the distance between what you call your heart and between My heart is no distance at all. Oneness is One. There is no distance between hearts. Of course, you may not yet have the confidence to accept Oneness once and for all. You would like to believe that what you call you and what you call God are One and the same. Wouldn’t this be nice? This sounds so good, yet you dally.

You mistake illusion for reality, hesitant child of Mine. How you desire Oneness, yet you are unsure that Oneness can really exist for you. You realize the rockiness you live with every day. Of course, you would prefer the steadiness of My stride, yet you fear you might topple.

Oh, how you don’t want to be disappointed. You may feel you have had all the disappointment you can live with in this lifetime and…

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