BOOM #1? Huge Explosion in Central Paris | We Are Change [videos] ~ January 12, 2019

Explosions and carnage in Paris…

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Yes, the global deep state is alive and well here on Planet Earth and NOT happy at all with the growing sense of love and light on our planet. We have all read about the need to if/when possible to stay out of crowds…and here we can see why as the deep state displays the “biggest bang for the buck” theory.

Pleas watch these raw video’s from Paris, send your love and light to Paris victims, and be…



As QAnon said yesterday, “Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!” We never know how those will manifest, but I’d say this is one.

Luke Rudkowski was nearby 8 hours ago, on the scene in Paris covering les Gilets Jaunes protests and brings us his coverage. He sounds a little shaken himself and in the second video he confirms it was a very serious blast on Rue de Trévise.


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ERIC RAINES: “Starseeds Mission”

Ascension Avatar

Why do you exist? What is your mission? Why are you here? What is the meaning of life?

Everyone has felt these questions pulsing underneath the surface. If you have begun your awakening journey and have started connecting into and activating your energy body, these questions are much more likely to have a driving force behind them, almost like a personal quest with an amazing treasure at the end.

We have this driving need to understand, to frame the answers into 3D space, fully processing and logically understanding the minutest details to the umpteenth degree. We need a cut and dry template, a user’s manual if you will, but there is no “Here is how you live” booklet pushing out with us as we are born

Instead, we are trained from a very young age that our passions, desires, fantasies and imaginations are unnatural and we need to accept the…

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‘New Lemuria’ Energies Supporting Prep For Disclosure, Ascension Through Emotional Healing, Maturation

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

by Kalayna Colibri

The 1/11 gateway yesterday brought us some yummy ‘New Mu’ (New Lemuria) energies to feel and let in, as Jelelle Awen shared in her Day 11 ‘Deepen’ video yesterday:

It was a day of feeling higher timeline possibilities and also digestion of what’s been rumbling lately. It was wonderful to feel the frequencies of New Lemuria coming through to support this exploration and the restfulness or restlessness, whichever was most needed to support the digestion, that moved through as well during this time. It feels like we are very organically reaching a new stratum of the overall Ascension process… yet, something important is being illuminated continually right now about our overall emotional maturity and ability to digest Ascension in a healthy, grounded way that also expands us out consciously/spiritually.

To fully embody the new Sacred Human BEings that we are in the process of BEcoming, we…

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Bill Majcher – Explosive Info Explaining World Governments From Behind the Scenes – Real News

Bill Majcher – Explosive Info Explaining World Governments From Behind the Scenes

Trusted Real News

Trusted Real News

Caravan To Midnight: John B Wells – Bill Majcher ( Part Two)

“The bad guys have all the money and no rules, the good guys have all the rules and no money.”

You won’t want to miss this show – tonight we welcome Bill Majcher. Bill is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspector with almost 35 years of professional and operational experience. Early in his career, he left the high paying world of a Euro-Bond trader in London, to pursue a more adventurous life that saw him working covertly for over two decades conducting drug and money laundering transactions with all manner of criminals and terrorists alike. Bill today has used his experience and is the Founder of EMIDR Limited, a Hong Kong-based Asset Recovery firm that specializes in working with governments to track down and locate billions of dollars that are stolen due to government corruption and malfeasance.

Links available on YouTube channel

Connecting Your Bio-body To Your Lightbody

Winging with Whitehawk

No photo description Micheila Sheldon (posted on Facebook)

I shared this with my Inner Circle Community a while ago and intended to film it, but time moves fast and I am entrenched in so many exciting projects, that a cut and paste is the best way to distribute.

There is a process that I would like to share with you that I believe is very timely to coincide with the energy shifts and solar activity we have been receiving. We are entering a time of collective energy and manifestation. This is not just about our human race. It starts within our own experience.

Our energy fields have been operating separately of one another.

There is nothing wrong with that; it is just how we evolved and adapted to our environment. But that environment is now energetically changing. And, the earth, surrounding planets and solar frequencies are assisting us in this transition.

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Answer to a very important question – The Council — Oracles and Healers


Answer to a very important question – The Council This is the answer to a very important question. The question was much longer, but this will give the idea and we will cover as much as we can in our response. “I’m back to square-one which is despair and hopelessness. I just don’t believe that…

via Answer to a very important question – The Council — Oracles and Healers

A thin tissue of lies

Love's Beginning

You have been lying to yourself. This is good news. It is good to know such a thing, to be able to admit it, to look at it.

Pay attention. Every time you feel fear, this is you attempting to hold onto lies you never needed. You can stop kidding yourself that fears are about the physical. The physical is the very smokescreen you are using to hide from the awareness of what you are.

So be fascinated by that fear when it arises. There is no need to run away from it. Look at this. This is what I do to hide from what I am. Let’s look at it. And it melts. Fear cannot stand up to genuine curiosity, a sincere willingness to know.

You make fear about the physical, and then you have a reason not to really look at it, to react to it, to be…

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