Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: Taking Some Down Time

Tania Marie

Astrid doesn’t have a big message today except to share that while I’m away she intends to also take some down time. We both know the importance of rest, recharge, and review and this is what she intends to do while I mirror much of the same on my first vacation in a while.

While a lot of hiking, biking, good food, fun, and friends are in store for me, mostly I’ll be tuning into Sedona’s energy and receiving inspiration and activation for what’s to come, along with some good ol’ rest.

Astrid intends to use this time away to prep for my return and our shared work ahead, but also to tune in with me and receive some of that inspiration herself through the vortexes I’ll be visiting.

She, like myself, see this as a reset and perfect recharge for what we foresee as busy times ahead.

I took…

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Ride the wave



You may be feeling inner chaos
With the old and the new tugging at you simultaneously
Theres no room for the both, its getting crowded and conflicting
Its time to let go of the past
Releasing the old is allowing the new light to enter
That is where you want to be
Dont hesitate
Dont delay
Open your arms wide open
And embrace the light coming in
Anything that is not of light that has transpired and still lingers in your energy-
You now have the ability to transform into light
The Universe is now fully supporting this
Just dont block this
And dont cling to what does not serve you
Give into the magnificent flow of light coming to you and through you.
You are a vessel of the Divine
Give yourself fully to the current shifts occuring
Even if you dont see or understand it all
Just have…

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Soros’ New Tool Exposed

She’s been in office for…hmmm… five days now and has already violated campaign disclosure laws? Good start, girl, not! Another dumb Soros pawn.

Headlines With A Voice

Freshman congresswoman Rashida Tlaib did not disclose the name of the source of funds for a fellowship that was paid by George Soros—as required by the House Ethics Committee—and lied about the amount than she received reporting a lesser amount according to a review of tax and financial disclosure forms.

Tlaib’s Grant

Proud Member of AIM Starship Fleet

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Re: Syria “withdrawal”: SO WHO’S THE BOSS? — and widening context —


Image: Pinterest Once I begin to look up from the latest distraction, the ongoing Border/Shut Down Drama, my peripheral vision picks up on a very interesting development, re: Trump’s decision to pull back troops in Syria and the mideast. Turns out not just politicos and leftist MSM hate the idea. So does the supposed…

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12 January 2019 Power Point — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


Ambitions and the many faces of Power merge in Love or Money and offer a chance at fulfillment. Look for the opportunity in a situation that hands you the reins in relation to something you aspire to or want. Two hints to achievment: act as if you’re empowered, because you are, know it or not; […]

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Mexico is Already Paying For the WALL!

Mexico is Already Paying For the WALL!

James Red Pills America

This will be a short description because this is so cut and dry: Why is there SO MUCH #FakeNews coming from the Libturdian #Leftists and Moronic Media as it relates to (among a million other things) #Mexico paying for the #BorderWall..? I got news for ya, People: Mexico is ALREADY PAYING FOR THE WALL! And then some! Like it or not, #PresidentTrump NEVER said that Mexico would write a CHECK for the wall. Are you completely insane?! That’s a rhetorical question. Go back to sleep. #WWG1WGA #Qanon