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By Denise LeFay

The above image is intended to represent the Separation of Worlds, the old physical Earth world and energies reaching their final Expiration Date December 21–23, 2012 and continually reducing energetically from that date forward. The image shows two parallel lines, one continually increasing, the other continually decreasing side-by-side. Replace those two parallel lines of blocks […]

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Nationalism or Globalism – Whose Side Are YOU on?

Nationalism or Globalism – Whose Side Are YOU on?

American Intelligence Media

Patriots, the time has come to make your choice. Stand with your NATION and protect its borders and laws or welcome the storming troops of globalism into your country to wipe it off the face of the earth. Betsy and Thomas look at Trump’s Oval Office speech and other tweets of the day. Check out the tweets and see some other exciting intel.  (Check YouTube channel).


Presidential Address, and Aftermath: Hope for A Softening? —


Note my post last night, where I sketched in a few of the configurations that spoke to me ahead of time (and note Laura Bruno’s comments, as well): The Astrology of this Evening’s Presidential Address Immediately following the eight minute speech, which began two minutes late, I posted this on twitter: I was pleased to…

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Golden Opportunity


IMG_20161202_162100 crpd signd

In the midst of a challenging situation
You stop and pause
This is all too familiar
I dont want to be in this place anymore
What do I do
A Golden opportunity is at foot
The opportunity to see your own true Strength
The opportunity to pierce through the illusion of victimhood and suffering.
The opportunity to see your own Light Shine through anything and everything.
This is such a precious sacred time for your Evolution.
You may be holding your head in disbelief
But look again
Tired of the same old?
Time to turn it around
Let others carry the weight of their own issues
Stick to your own Light
Stand up
And shine!
You are not dependant on others to shine
Your light lies within you
You have such incredible power if only you tuned into yourself
Into your higher self
Its time to let go of all…

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10 January 2019 Unparalleled — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


It’s parallels, actually, that hand us all the good stuff today. The Sun is parallel both Jupiter and Pluto, aligning our energy and attention with opportunity and effective power expression–and best of all, doing so in a way that fosters optimism as well as making a definitive ‘statement’: of what we intend to build, do, […]

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Creation and Emotion – Eclipse Bookends

The Shift of Time and Energy!

eclipse energy

These are some strange electronic times we are having!! Hell, they are just strange times period. We had the Nation’s Tuesday night class last evening, which auto records on entrance. Went to upload the files to the website this morning, both folders are there, both are completely empty. I went to zoom, noting there either, which really stinks. I am hoping they magically appear sometime today.

The one thing I want to focus on today is the energies that make up these two eclipses we are sandwiched between. The partial solar eclipse started releasing its energy many days before we actually arrived in its timeline, the dark matter that was prevalent for days. Creation energy. We are still being infused with that energy, but now we are also starting to get the full lunar eclipse energy too. The pure emotion that gives life to Life itself.

So we now have…

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OPEN HAND – 5D Shift: What Will The New 5D Paradigm Look Like? – 1-9-19

You can a 4D body and 7D consciousness.

Higher Density Blog


Imagine a World were everything is interconnected as frequencies of light. Imagine everything working in harmony together. Where you feel at peace, cherished and nurtured, where there’s infinite possibility in the day to express yourself and unfold the next highest version of you. Imagine a World where conflict has transformed into constructive confrontation to peel away that which doesn’t serve, so as to find the next highest harmony. Imagine a place where there are always enough resources to be who you really are, and where fear and suffering have fallen away. This is what it’s like to live fully in 5D consciousness in the New Paradigm. My only question is, why wait?…

The Not so Truman Show

It’s time to wake up from the amnesia. It comes as quite a shock when you realise that as Homo Sapiens, you’ve been caught in an experiment by anOpposing…

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CONSCIOUS REMINDER: “We Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident — The 6 Types Of Cosmic Connections Destined To Happen”

Ascension Avatar

Always keep in mind that everything that occurs in your life occurs for a specific reason, and you never meet someone with pure coincidence.

Everything you go through has some specific meaning so that it is going to take where you have to be. For those that are not familiar with synchronicities, they are ‘meaningful coincidences.’

In fact, they are the individuals that come to your life in order to show you a certain thing or have that things occur which started a chain reaction. They can come in various forms too.

Every person that comes in your life has a lesson to teach you. You learn from others, and others learn from you. There are people that come in your life in order to tear you apart, while others will be there to grow together with you.

Here are the six common types of people that you may come…

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DANIEL SCRANTON – Lemuria, Atlantis, ETs, New Timelines ∞ The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council – 1-9-19

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Lemuria, Atlantis, E.T.s & New Timelines ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been exploring the possibilities that exist for humanity now that you have been working so well with the energies you have been sent. We can see that new possibilities have opened up for you, and those possibilities involve a greater connection to the roots that you have there on planet Earth.

We are seeing more of the crystals of Lemuria and Atlantis being excavated. We are seeing a timeline where you discover the truth of how long there has been human life on your planet, and we are also seeing the possibility that irrefutable evidence of extra-terrestrial life on planet Earth will be discovered, and it will be discovered by someone who will not cover it up.

Now, what all…

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