Late Headlines and Updates for January 7, 2019: The Storm of Tribunals, Freak West Coast Hurricane and Other Radioactive News [videos] ~ January 7, 2019

Rose Rambles...

We don’t know what we’ll see in the news from here on as apparently the deep state/rogue military have thrown caution to the wind and are displaying their massive anti-gravity craft in the skies over our cities and taking target practice on our electrical grid.

The gloves are off. Prepare to shelter in place. It promises to be quite a show. Despite the provocative nature of the posturing, as civilians we’re advised to relax and enjoy the show. I do believe I shall—in between the nail biting sessions and sleepless nights.  ~ BP

The storm is upon us.

Here is our first peek at the military tribunal news from what appears to be the independent media. We were informed by David Zublick that no legacy/fake media outlets will be permitted at the tribunals. Thanks for the heads up, J.

The tribunals will be quite the notch in the belt of…

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