Feeling “Strange” this 2019? Well, it appears the planet’s been “Energetically Blasted”!! ~ January 7, 2019

It will only get more intense, so buckle down, do your internal work, rest, play, and connect with Nature.

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Really? Is there anyone who may be unaware of Galactic energies bombarding the Earth on a daily basis? Do you know anyone who is routinely getting a good ngiht’s sleep? How many are visiting their local ER due to just not feeling right inside?

Truth is, we are all being affected on a daily basis with vague symptoms which no one can seem to identify. We is the spiritual community know this for what it is…”ascension symptoms” that are only cured by rest, water, and connecting to nature!

So…please read up on these energies, know that all of our bodies are being upgraded to accept comingpositive  changes, calm down and breath deeply, and be…



This showed up at Galactic Connection, and there’s a note from Eric Raines,. and a video by Dani McKenny (Transpicuous News) that illustrates what the planet went through on 1-3-19.


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