David Wilcock new article 1-6-19… “Groundbreaking Area 51 Insider Bob Lazar 30-Year Anniversary: Alpha and the Omega”

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Well, here is the text of the full article. I still haven’t read the entire thing, but I’m sure I’ll get there. As I mentioned in the post where I only posted the link, “parts of it definitely “sucked me in”, so I’m sure it’s a powerful message”. Be sure to go to the original to view all of the images and links.

Here is a link to the Amazon version of the movie.

David does mention that they are “working on an in-depth article about the California wildfires, QAnon and the impending defeat of the Deep State”, so we can stay tuned for that.

For those interested, and in case this gets “pulled” by internet troll police, I’ve downloaded the article in three forms: TEXT ONLYHTML ONLYCOMPLETE WEB PAGE (zip folder)

“Bob Lazar was the first great UFO / Area 51 insider to explode onto the…

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