Angel Messages ~ Penetrate The Polarity ~ January 7, 2018

There is a body consciousness that does exist as a protective mechanism. Some call this the “ego”. It belongs to the body, but the body serves as a vehicle for the soul essence when a person incarnates upon 3D Earth. Is the ego an illusion? Or has it been covertly taken over via conditioning? The body is conscious and separate from the soul. While incarnate, it is wise to work with both essences and come into balance.

Rose Rambles...

Ego doesn’t exist.

If ego doesn’t exist, then why does it seem to play such a large role in your life? Because you have chosen fantasy over Reality, fantasy seems to dominate at the moment. Remember that fantasy is nothingness and the light of Reality can always be invited to shine through. In other words, you can always invite yourself to meet yourself if you feel disconnected in any situation. The light that shines through the fantasy is your very Self.

You think fantasy is real. Pay attention to those thoughts. Watch the process of believing a thought is true. Watch the apparent aftermath of that. All fantasy. There is something beneath the instability of the back and forth, and it couldn’t be more stable. The something underneath is the fundamental sanity shared by all. If you want to experience it, you have to be…

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