Dan Bongino 1-4-19… “The Unhinged Democrats”

How are you dealing with Trump being President?

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First of all, I know that many with the D label are not in the “unhinged” category. But it shows how “The Trump Effect” is on full display when it comes to the Ds, who have never had to deal with such a person. This video has one section (approx. 34-52 minutes) where he addressed the “craziness” going on in reactions to Trump, primarily by some of the Democrat congress people, and how their “unhinged-ness” could eventually lead to a stronger D party and stronger country.

I don’t necessarily agree with all of his statements, but this portion struck a couple chords in me. Particularly relevant in that we are all being “bombarded” by the Higher Frequency Cosmic Energies that are incoming right now. Many I have seen are going into the “craziness” mode, and we are all subject to this. And we can all learn and release and grow…

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2 thoughts on “Dan Bongino 1-4-19… “The Unhinged Democrats”

  1. I don’t understand why intelligent people here in California don’t get the vail that has been so cleverly placed on them! For years they have been lied to ! Their California taxes pissed away! No positive results! Horrible education, health care and government programs that only disabled them! It is false when they say minorities are against President Trump! I’m a Hispanic female immigrant and I voted for Trump! We are silence by the hate ,violence and aggressiveness of the opposite party! And I will vote for him again! He is cleaning up our political mess! I am impressed our spiritual community saw beyond the lies, harm and danger of the Clintons, Bushes and Obama’s! Our political system is here to serve us not name us! BC.

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    • Thanks, Billie for your input. I was born and raised in California. I don’t know what’s a matter with the citizens there, either. Hopefully, they are starting to wake up now after thousands have been burned out of their homes by Agenda 21 and the revelation of plans by the demoncrats to make the once Golden State into a copy of the failed Marxist country of Venezuela. The Democrats do NOT care for the average American citizen. People like Feinstein and Pelosi think they are above the common man and woman. Yet, people are waking up to the fact that these Democrat hypocrites are doing the exact things that they have so violently accused President Trump, practicing racism, misogynism, sexism, etc. all in an attempt to retain power over the purse strings of America so they can continue to make money off the citizens and keep them in debt slavery under a repressive fiat dollar system. All of the aging structures of the Old World are falling away, which makes monolithic governmental structures obsolete. There are going to be many changes in this year and those to come.

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