Astronomers discover the ‘Gnostic Pleroma’ at the Milky Way’s Galactic core.

Mythology or suppressed sacred knowledge?

Higher Density Blog


The recent discovery of signatures relating to complex organic molecules close to the milky way’s galactic core was scientifically rather unexpected, but strangely enough, strongly anticipated by mythology!

Our galaxy, The milky way, has an actively feeding black hole at it’s centre. (As most galaxies do. Ours is a modest 4 million solar mass black hole).
The black hole is surrounded by a substantial circum-nuclear disc, and that disc, in turn, is surrounded by a 3,500 light-year starburst ring.
As the supermassive black hole devours the surrounding material, this disc is heated to such extreme temperatures that it emits intense X-rays and UV photons.

Such findings appear entirely consistent with the Gnostic Sophia mythos.
‘Gnostics’ stated that at the core of each galaxy is a vortex of super-organic forces, alive and aware, which they called the Pleroma.
They saw the spiral arms of the galaxy as a realm…

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