Epiphany and the Power of Your Presence

Sophia's Children


To reveal. Shine. Manifest Revelation.

An Illuminating Realization or Discovery Resulting in Elation, Awe, Wonder.

It’s Epiphany, or the first of eight days of Epiphany … well, it’s more than that.

This year, Epiphany follows close on the heels of a potent New Moon (plus Mercury, Saturn and Pluto in the Sign of the Initiate), a recent Galactic Center activation, Venus and Jupiter in the sign of “Take Aim and Release the Arrow” Sagittarius, and an Epiphany-sparking Uranus shift.

That’s a lot of energy shifting, but what does it mean (or what could it mean)?

Read on. Plus …

Who among us wouldn’t welcome one or several epiphanies to renew inspiration as we begin a new calendar year?

After all, cultivating Epiphany (among other things) is an antidote to the Nattering Nabobs of Negativity and the toxic-normal of our times.

So let’s observe and cultivate the…

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