Citizens Investigative Report VIDEO 1-3-19… “POTUS wants NP as Speaker! Keep Calm Trust the Plan. New Flynn Evidence” (listen to the first 14 minutes)

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This just “ran across” my awareness screen, but when I watched the first 14 minutes, it became clear to me that there is a reason DJT wants Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. “Keep your friends close, and your adversaries closer”. Another phrase that fits (via Q), “Never interfere with your enemy when they’re in the process of destroying themselves”. Listen to the first 14 minutes of this one and see and hear the message that Katie G. conveys.

“Keep calm and Trust the Plan”.

Okay, I personally don’t look on all this as “friend vs. enemy”, at least in my own operating arena. But in the 3D deep state government arena, it appears this must be done this way, and viewed this way.

My view is that although we can love all these people, there comes a time when the troublemakers must be addressed and removed from their positions of…

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