Twinflames/Soulmates New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ January 5, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Projections/attacks are common during portals, full moons, new moons and eclipses so stay grounded as much as you can. These thought forms like to trigger the mental body to then trigger the emotional body to react. Best way to get through triggers, projections, attacks is to be aware of the changes in your emotional state and thoughts and try to go within to reflect on why. The answers are always within. I did record a video about the eclipse, portals and energy wave hitting that ill upload tomorrow. You guys prob already feel or know there’s a wave here. Ill be focusing on responding to the rest of the messages & sending things out mostly over the next few days when I’m able while I’m with my mom (when she’s sleeping or resting- caring for her). I am responding to messages sent recently only at the moment, if you sent…

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