Dark Matter and Living Shambhala!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


There is so much information coming thru the readings, today I am going to cheat and upload to this sharing, Tuesdays Nation class. It will save me a lot of typing (which my fingers will greatly appreciate) as well as assure us that I do not forget some of the taste nuggets that came thru class. The recordings will be at the bottom of this sharing.

For the last couple days, a few of the readings had the energy of dark matter being placed into their biology. The 3 people I had seen with dark matter, all were split open/apart in some way and the dark matter being shoveled in to affect the DNA of their bodies, of course, each in their own way.

What I did not realize until my last reading yesterday, was this dark matter is also in relationship to the dark side of the sun thru…

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