Magenta Pixie: Donald Trump As President – The Bigger Picture

Magenta Pixie: Donald Trump As President – The Bigger Picture

Magenta Pixie

Magenta Pixie analyses her recent social media post in response to the question: How does one reconcile the fact that Donald Trump is President?

Magenta Pixie Website:

President Trump is an outsider, a loose cannon, unapologetic to the present entrenched “system” of dominion over humanity.   Open your eyes, folks.  Look at the bigger picture.

Why Is There No Answer? – The Council — Oracles and Healers (Ron Head)


Editor:  Sometimes a person is not ready to hear the answer, for it isn’t the answer they expected.  Sometimes an answer will come swiftly and in other instances, it may take years to receive an answer.  Ask the question, then release any and all expectations.  The answer will come when you are ready to receive it and can accept the responsibility for the changes that will manifest in your life thereafter…

Why Is There No Answer? – The Council

We have chosen one example of a recurring question. Why is there no answer? “You always say we can call upon you, you always encourage us to talk to you. After years loving you beyond words, feeling exited and grateful every time I see your messages in…

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Pelosi puts GLOBALIST INVADERS first, Americans LAST

The IRS isn’t a federal department so why are their employees impacted by the government shutdown? The Federal Reserve and IRS are foreign-owned corporations performing illegally on American soil.

AIM Truth Bits

Pelosi puts GLOBALIST INVADERS first, Americans LAST


Twitter     Presidential Tweets


10:54 AM · Jan 5, 2019 The Democrats want Billions of Dollars for Foreign Aid, but they don’t want to spend a small fraction of that number on properly securing our Border. Figure that one out!

10:16 AM · Jan 5, 2019 We are working hard at the Border, but we need a WALL! In 2018, 1.7 million pounds of narcotics seized, 17,000 adults arrested with criminal records, and 6000 gang members, including MS-13, apprehended. A big Human Trafficking problem.

9:48 AM · Jan 5, 2019 I don’t care that most of the workers not getting paid are Democrats, I want to stop the Shutdown as soon as we are in agreement on Strong Border Security! I am in the White House ready to go, where are the Dems?

8:55 AM · Jan 5, 2019 Many…

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Letting The Aether/Dark Matter Dust Particles Settle Into Physical World

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

I was going to wait until the end of January to write my last article about this energy event I saw coming.  I wrote the first article in October. We are in the phase that I called, “letting the dust settle.” I will do a short recap…

  1.  We saw the increase of the Azoth/fire energy connected to the Red Gaurda (fire bird) at the end of October, it increased until Sagittarius season.
  2.  Then Sagittarius dipped the point of the bow into the fire filled with some type of new code.  (I first saw this code in 2013, and I drew it)
  3.  All during Sagittarius season the bow was pulled tighter and tighter, and then it was released on December 26th, and it exploded.
  4.  Now, we are waiting for the dust from the explosion to settle.  I saw particles entering into the physical world.

On the 27th I was laying in…

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Twinflames/Soulmates New Moon Solar Eclipse ~ January 5, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Projections/attacks are common during portals, full moons, new moons and eclipses so stay grounded as much as you can. These thought forms like to trigger the mental body to then trigger the emotional body to react. Best way to get through triggers, projections, attacks is to be aware of the changes in your emotional state and thoughts and try to go within to reflect on why. The answers are always within. I did record a video about the eclipse, portals and energy wave hitting that ill upload tomorrow. You guys prob already feel or know there’s a wave here. Ill be focusing on responding to the rest of the messages & sending things out mostly over the next few days when I’m able while I’m with my mom (when she’s sleeping or resting- caring for her). I am responding to messages sent recently only at the moment, if you sent…

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The Quest Of The Sacred Masculine: Healing The Inner Teenager

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

On my current quest of Soul, I found myself on the other side of a ravine having just crossed a bridge that was inspired by one of Jelelle Awen’’s meditations a couple of days ago. Alongside me is my Protector/Gatekeeper named Rogan. He is feeling like the Lewis to my Clark for all you American history buffs. Or the Marco to my Polo. However you want to relate to it. We are a team, and he is there to help me access the areas in my emotional and spiritual body that is in need to be felt or related to for any reason.

This morning I had a hit in my heart from an old part of me that I have worked with in the past that goes by my birth name Chris. He was the part of me that related to life before awakening. More of a 3D interface…

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What is Enlightenment? & the Great Spiritual Awakening 2019

What is Enlightenment? & the Great Spiritual Awakening 2019

Edge of Wonder

What is the First Great Awakening also known as the #Enlightenment, and the many belief systems and spiritual Giants that contributed to it such as Aristotle, Buddha Shakyamuni and yes, even Jesus.

On today’s edition of the edge of wonder, we pose a question such as: Was there evidence of Jesus before he re-emerged at age 30 and why did some think that he and St. Issa were the same person?

We also discuss the processes of enlightenment and historical accounts that might just rock your socks off, as we reveal the true stories behind it all.

Get ready to be ‘enlightened’ now with your Zen friends Ben and Rob on edge of wonder!


Human Origins According to the Urantia Book is a LOT Different To What We Have Been Taught

Human Origins According to the Urantia Book is a LOT Different To What We Have Been Taught

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries

The Violet Race

Prehistory is meant to convey the period in humanity before the emergence of “modern man”; that is to say, Adamic man. The modern man begins at the point of biologic uplift by the Material sons and daughters. We have so much in common –biologically– with the races in a post-Adamic age, even more so than the evolutionary races of a Planetary Prince man epoch on Urantia. In that light, Dalamatia serves as prehistory while the Garden of Eden is history, on humanity’s timeline. A Material son and daughter were made incarnate in flesh on our planet they were Adam and Eve.
Recorded at Contact in the Desert.  Post speaker’s name if known in the comments section.

Is It ALL…Just Theater?


Brian, the founder of HighImpact Vlogs, and his original channel which YouTube terminated without cause 7 months ago, HighImpact Flix, joins me to discuss the fascist censorship we’re seeing from the social media giants, and then we discuss the deep state and President Trump, which we quickly discover, Brian and I do not see entirely eye to eye on. Thanks for tuning in.

Three Videos of 1-4-19… “An x22Report, a PrayingMedic, and a Lionel”

Kauilapele's Blog

These are three that kind of “assisted” in my understanding of things going on. Each of these mentions the resignation of William Arkin from NBC, as he grew weary of their msm principles. His letter of resignation is here (Sputnik also wrote an article about it).

Perhaps some will enjoy these. Lionel provides a relatively uncomplicated assesment of “the msm” and what they really are…

The [DS] pushes ahead with all their bills, impeachment, get rid of the electoral college, protect Mueller, stop the wall etc. This was expected. The Patriots have built a firewall around him [Trump] and now it is time to build the wall. Trump sends the message to the [DS] the wall will be built no matter what. Everything is being put into place, we all need to be patient, the plan is working and the pieces are being moved around the chess board.

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