The FIVE Most INSANE Political Events of 2018

The FIVE Most INSANE Political Events of 2018

James Red Pills America

HARD HITTING!! The Five Most INSANE & UNHINGED Political Events of 2018 – WWG1WGA

The sheer absurdity of the events which unfolded this last year was gut-wrenching, all things considered. Think for a moment about the craziest political fiascos that happened in 2018, and then consider THESE FIVE INSANE POLITICAL EVENTS OF 2018 that #JRPA breaks down for you quite #BRUTALLY. You know me, I don’t hold back when it comes to telling it like it is, which is exactly why YouTube REFUSES to allow me to monetize my channel! Anyway, the crazy and the insane take a front seat in this riveting mini-documentary on the most INSANE and MIND-BLOWING Political Events of #2018. This video takes you on a ride through the TOP FIVE zaniest, hapless and moronic events to ever see the light of day (thanks ONLY to #Conservative, independent news sources, such as MY channel). Buckle up your seats, grab the #Popcorn and enjoy the show! May #2019 be a Blessed one for you and your Loved Ones. From your friendly neighborhood #DigitalSoldier, #JamesRedPillsAmerica. PS: Stay tuned, after the show,, at the end of the video, for a special message from me to all of my #TruePatriot Brothers & Sisters.

Grab the popcorn and watch the extreme Leftist snowflakes melt in the wrath of the ire of Patriots!

  • Mueller investigation
  • Interest Rate hikes by the Federal Reserve, anti-American policy, increase the national debt, destroy savings and retirement accounts, drops in stock market
  • FAKE NEWS MEDIA push their Trump Derangement Syndrome 24/7, insanity, propaganda
  • SOCIAL MEDIA ATTACKS against free speech (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia, GOOGLE, etc.) as attacks against Conservative voices increased; banned, shadow-banned, demonetized
  • Democrats and the Never-Trumper Republicans – dedicated to stopping the Trump Presidency – “how dare he win the election against Hillary Clinton!”  Democrats are dedicated to obtaining POWER!  They do NOT support Americans.

Trump is a master chess player.  Watch the battle unfold as the American people take back their country.

ALL WAR IS DECEPTION.  CHECKMATE!  Support for our Great President and the Alliance behind him!


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