Why A Referendum Initiated By The Citizens Will End Our Enslavement – 12-22-18

Higher Density Blog

Source:Collective Evolution| ByJoe Martino



The Facts:As difficult as it sometimes is to admit, no country on this planet exists in a true democracy. People have the illusion of choice and they are being governed, not represented. Citizens forego their power to rulers.

Reflect On:There are solutions, is it time we begin considering them? We hold these systems in place as people, it’s up to us to opt out of them. The government can’t do anything without us.

“We live in a democracy, we are so lucky!” These are the cries from the minds of those who bought the illusion hook, line, and sinker. Allow me to propose a scenario.

People choose an ideology they believe represents them. A few people strongly identify with that ideology and stand up to say “I will represent anyone with my ideology that supports me.” An election…

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