Tania Gabrielle: Neptune sextile Saturn – Dreams Come True

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Neptune creates a gorgeous sextile to Saturn on January 31.

It’s the first of three meetings between these two planets this year and so will leave an impact all year long.

Since both Neptune and Saturn are in their respective home signs (Pisces and Capricorn) – the impact is super magnified.

To sum it up:

Your dreams are coming true!

This aspect brings out the best in both planets:

  • Saturn provides the fortitude, discipline and work ethic to take your Divine Mission seriously.
  • Neptune adds romance, spiritual service and love to the wonderful equation.

Saturn gives structure and patience, so your imagination can soar while, at the same time, you have the patience to allow the petals of the flower to open naturally and gracefully.

As a result your future looks and feels BRIGHT.

You feel optimistic AND motivated!

An unbeatable combo…

So get fired up about manifesting something that…

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The messages you receive from others – The Council — Oracles and Healers


The messages you receive from others – The Council We will address today the messages you receive from others and your discernment regarding them. “We get a lot of channelings from the Angels, Ascended Masters and the Galactics all of which is quite positive. We also hear from Cobra and others about Galactic wars. Cobra…

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New Years Resolution Time

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

We are one month into the Western New Year, and on February 5th we begin the Tibetan New Year.  We are in the time of new beginnings, fresh starts, wiping the slate clean.

As human beings we naturally want to do better in the new year than we did in the previous year.  If you want to make this a reality in 2019, then consider scheduling a session with me. I am offering a New Years Resolution Special.

Starting now until the end of February, I am cutting my normal price of $88.00 for a 1 hour session to $55.00.  Five is the number of change, which is what we all strive to achieve.

 Changes in spiritual practices, changes in sub-consciousness programming, or changes yourshadowin eating. Whatever changes you want, we can come up with a plan for a New Year.

I always say to my clients… You can’t outrun…

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Energies of February 2019 — Cauldrons and Cupcakes


“ Your greatest self has been waiting your whole life; don’t make it wait any longer. ” ~ Steve Maraboli Hello, Lovelies At the beginning of every month, I discuss the energies and gifts of the month ahead and how we can best use them to make our lives satisfying, meaningful and productive. I also choose…

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Trump leads the global patriot movement


Patriots for Truth

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben explain how the Deep State can be dismantled by destroying the corporate propaganda news media which is, as President Trump continues to remind us, ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE.

Afterwards, round off your citizen education on fake news by watching the blockbuster interview with Michael McKibben in the hyperlink below the audio embed.

Once you have completed your ‘assignment’, make sure to find out about the Miller Act Notice and let the White House know what’s on your mind.

Trump leads a triumphant global patriot movement

A plusAIM Patriot Michael McKibben hits a home run with this interview. Listen and watch here.

Then share on your social media sites!


Overthrow the Globalists in One Signature!

Corrupt Media AFI


Continue your citizen education by looking at these two AIM citizen intelligence reports:

Who Really Owns the Military Industrial Complex: The Highland Forum Exposed


Yellow Journalism: Globalist Weapon of…

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The Divine Wants To feel Through You What It Couldn’t Feel Without You

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

By Raphael Awen

Prior to your individuation and soul birth out of the Divine, there wasn’t a you here in the way that you know and experience you today.

The you that existed then was the one being of infinite love. What this you lacked however was an other to be in relationship with. This you also lacked the ability to know any kind of lack, as it was total infinite abundance in its essence. It had a lack, but it couldn’t know and feel that lack. This you also couldn’t actually know and feel the superabundance that it was as it simply was it. It couldn’t have a relationship with the abundance that it was.

This you wanted and then decided to duplicate itself in soul birth expression many other beings to be in relationship with, and to know and experience a relationship with this superabundance.

What your…

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How manifestation cycles link into the wheel of the year: Imbolc and the phase before the last phase of manifestation: materialization

Mystic Wolf Soulcrafts

For those who are new to the wheel of the year and pagan holidays. Aka earth-holidays or basically days of specific meaning in the cycle of a year based on the seasons and specific astrological events. The days are usually based on the northern hemisphere so for those of you living below the equator, you celebrate those days the other way around.

The first of February, Imbolc [Old Irish i mbolg meaning in the belly, a time when sheep began to lactate and their udders filled and the grass began to grow] is the halfway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It’s also called the beginning of spring. And let that be exactly why it makes such a great metaphor for manifestation and law of attraction work.


Because when you look outside where I live, there is still frost everywhere. On the grass, on the streets, on…

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ARCHANGEL CHAMUEL – Being Your Authentic, Genuine Self – Becoming The One – 1-24-19

Higher Density Blog

Higher Self

Published on Jan 24, 2019

Archangel Chamuel, Being Your Authentic, Genuine Self, Becoming The One
January 21, 2019
via James Coleman

This Article: https://5dlife.eu/archangel-chamuel-b…

James offers a program for Being Your Authentic Self, as well as Coaching Services. Check the links below:

First Steps Self-Coaching Guides:

Coaching Services:

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