The Rainbow Body: A Great Ancient Mystery Never Fully Understood Until Now

The Rainbow Body: A Great Ancient Mystery Never Fully Understood Until Now is Finally Solved

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries

This is an amazing immersion in the ascension teachings of the mystical ancients, including the Sumerians, the Egyptians, the Essenes and the Cathars of Southern France. Transformation into light being was their goal. William presents persuasive evidence that certain mystics knew the secrets of the Book of Love for activating the spiritual capability of our spiritual DNA and connecting with the “light beyond light” that transforms us into luminous beings (angels) on contact. This book is the highest teaching of the ancient angels and aliens. A prophecy says the Book of Love would be discovered at a preordained time…our time. Its power would be so great that all anger, jealousy, and fear would vanish from our world. In this beautifully illustrated presentation, you’ll discover techniques for manifesting the Book of Love. More, you’ll discover the next best version of yourself.
Note to Reader:  Does anyone have the full name of this speaker, “William”.  I recognize him, just can’t remember his name.  This talk was made before 2012.

11 thoughts on “The Rainbow Body: A Great Ancient Mystery Never Fully Understood Until Now

  1. I find his body of work also exceptional however some info a bit misplaced? eg
    Osiris falls under the godhood system of Anubis the god of the dead who will no longer judge the people of Israel Exo 11:7. Note the esoteric value of the numbers 11 versus 7. Very prophetic. Jesus came from the Jewish bloodline therfor Osiris could not have played a part in the ressurection. Their doctrine was based on life after death or the afterlife. The Pharoa’s servants were buried with him to continue their service to their master in the after life. So the lightbody was not yet understood at that time. The Hebrews were raized specifically to be the bloodline bearers of the saviour who’s doctrines only took shape after the escaped from Egypt

    • I disagree — the Jews took bits and pieces of other cultures religions and then claimed them as their own. Lord Osiris and His Divine Complement came from Sirius B long, long ago and gave the people of Earth the Resurrection Sciences, much of which has been lost. The Essenes, of which Yeshua was a part, taught the ancient esoteric sciences, which have nothing to do with the so-called elevation of the Jewish peoples that you have put forth. Much of Yeshua’s teachings and that of his associates, for he was NOT alone in his work has been twisted by modern religions. Osiris will return — you can count on it. He has already been reborn in the Pleiades.

      • Lord Osiris is a star body. Together with 199 other Angels cast from heaven they formed part of the Anunaki earth bound ‘race’ Their glory was not stripped from them therefor appeared as gods. They enslaved the population of Africa to mine gold, pls refer to body of work Michael Tellinger. They also enslaved kings and governments and the One World Order is proof of that.

  2. Also the garment worn upon entering the Kingdom of YHWH must have come through the correct door. (Through Jesus Christ who has come in the flesh) Rev 9:14 also 14:12 one can only obtain the lightbody (ressurection ) through great suffering which can only be obtained by our true love for Yahweh which He Himself embeds in our souls when we accept His gift of salvation which is Jesus Christ whom in turn embeds the power of the Set Apart (Holy) Spirit which is the life giving element of Elohim.. Also turn your attention to the fact that some will be cast out from the consummation ceremony in heaven because they will be wearing the wrong garments. Make sure the lightbody you obtained is not obtained by your own effort but through the power of our Creator. Love you all.

    • Each starseed or lightworker already has a Garment of Light, their Higher Christ Self and their I AM Presence. It is up to the lower self, the one incarnated here to release the negative energies collected throughout their incarnations in order to raise their frequencies so they might reblend with the already existing Lightbody, the eternal Garment of the Soul. The Holy Spirit is the Divine Feminine aspect of Father/Mother God which has been suppressed and neglected by all three major religions for over 2,000 years and is in the process of returning so the energy of the Earth and her people can return to balance.

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