Surgery and PTSD

A Blog About Living With Complex PTSD


My surgery went well yesterday. It turned out to be a very minor procedure, despite having to go under general anesthesia. I was especially dreading the anesthesia part, because twice in my life, I’ve had a life-threatening allergic reaction to an anesthesia drug. The anesthesiologist told me they don’t even use that particular drug anymore, but I still feel panicky whenever I’m going to be anesthetized. I have PTSD, and being knocked out with a drug is one of my bigger triggers. (See the story here: )

So, whenever I am told that I need surgery and I will have to be drugged into oblivion — my PTSD goes into overdrive. I can handle it a lot better now than I could years ago, thanks to talk therapy with a compassionate therapist, EMDR, and neurofeedback. But anesthesia still triggers my PTSD, and I suppose it always will. I just…

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