Heaven’s Window is Through Your Heart – Sundeelia

Music:  Heaven’s Window – Peter Kater

Heaven’s Window is Through Your Heart – Sundeelia

This afternoon I slept for five hours.  I suppose I have one of my winter fevers.  And am in need of some peaceful music.  Despite being an observer here, I have found my own nerves on edge due to all the uncertainty your world is experiencing here now.

Be at peace, dear ones.  The love of Mother/Father God is eternal.  You are safe.  You are loved.  You can find great strength within any time you let go of trying to find a savior from outside of yourself.

No matter if you lose your physical vehicle during these times, you will live, again.  I know as I walk through my past lifetimes in the Sirian and Pleiadian star systems.  My lives have intersected time and time again with those whom I love.

As we suffer, we grow, until we overcome the suffering and learn to master our emotional body, to release burdens we no longer need to learn from and soar in frequency above the strife of the world.

We will all witness strange terrible and wonderful things in the months to come.  Discover the Peace that exists within when you reconnect to the Wholeness that has always existed.  Open the door that has ever been present and discover the altar of the Sacred Flame, your portal to Source Energy.  Each of you carries within your own Sacred Portal within which can give you immediate access to the energies that will soothe and heal whatever pain you are presently experiencing.

Do not compare your “progress” to that of another.  You do not know what choices they have made; you can know what choices you make.

Even if one whom you love is lost to the Darkness, know that in the passage of the spirals of time, they will come back to you, renewed once again.  Let them go to experience the lessons they have chosen.  You live on a planet that allows free will; so it happens that some will chose more difficult paths than others and who is to say which one is superior or “right”?

Each of you is a fractal or fragment of your Higher Self.  There is no one person who is the wholeness of their multidimensional Self, existent upon the Earth plane despite what is advertised.  True spirituality walks in the guise of humility, the power veiled until it needs to be put into use, and then discreetly hidden once again.  There is no need for complicated rituals unless they serve to quiet the Mind.  The Heart… within the Heart Center is always quiet and ready to engage if one can still the busy ego.

Find ways to calm the emotional body:  Put the phone down.  Listen to soothing music.  Exercise lightly.  Stretch the mind through puzzles and new knowledge about nature.  Go for a walk in a forest.  Play with a child or pet.  If the news is depressing or upsetting, turn it off and plunge into an activity that gives you joy, whether it is dancing, singing, playing an instrument, painting, and drawing, journaling… whatever makes your heart sing.  You can become your own therapist.  Just recognize that YOU have the power to heal yourself should you so choose.

Each of you with a Heart Flame is the return of the Christ energy, embodied this time within the human collective.  Celebrate the birth of Christ by celebrating what is growing within your hearts and minds; a realization that you are, indeed, more powerful than you can presently imagine.  You, as a collective, can heal each other and your world.  We did it, both in Sirius and the Pleiades.  Now it’s your time, beloveds.  Now it is YOUR time!

I AM Sundeelia Kumara VaCoupe, Violet Flame Angel

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