Globalists Shut Down GALT Free Energy to the World to Protect Their Greedy Interests

Patriots for Truth

By AIM Patriot Condor

Just some quick observations and background comments about recent audio on Trump tweets…

citizens addicted to truth

I enjoyed the topics on December 5’s link: I wanted to bring your attention to a little bit of Thorium history involving your discussion of Kissinger and the Saudis at the 43 minute mark where Douglas mentioned…

Kissinger had used the carrot of capitalism…

Based on my research I wanted to mention my perspective of it being a carrot and stick proposal made by the teamwork of Kissinger and Pauley. This occurred in the early 1970s.

I agree the carrot was the untethered price of future, unrestricted, oil increases, in petrodollars, by both future OPEC countries and the Globalists…that is if Saudi Arabia did not nationalize their oil like other Arab countries were doing in the early 1970s.

The Saudis were warned they must be civilized and buy the…

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