Surgery and PTSD

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My surgery went well yesterday. It turned out to be a very minor procedure, despite having to go under general anesthesia. I was especially dreading the anesthesia part, because twice in my life, I’ve had a life-threatening allergic reaction to an anesthesia drug. The anesthesiologist told me they don’t even use that particular drug anymore, but I still feel panicky whenever I’m going to be anesthetized. I have PTSD, and being knocked out with a drug is one of my bigger triggers. (See the story here: )

So, whenever I am told that I need surgery and I will have to be drugged into oblivion — my PTSD goes into overdrive. I can handle it a lot better now than I could years ago, thanks to talk therapy with a compassionate therapist, EMDR, and neurofeedback. But anesthesia still triggers my PTSD, and I suppose it always will. I just…

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The Comey Circus

Headlines With A Voice

Fired FBI Director James Comey arrived on Capitol Hill Friday for a closed-door, transcribed interview with House Republicans.

GOP lawmakers recently discovered an email chain dated early October of 2016 involving James Comey which is the most comprehensive evidence to date, of FISA abuses. Lawmakers wanted to grill Comey about this classified document in today’s interview.

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The BIG UGLY: Carbon Credit Tyranny Plan Exposed

Patriots for Truth

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben went so deep into the research mines that you might lose your breath with the staggering information they have to share with you.

SES Plan to Destroy America REVEALED – Carbon Credit Tyranny Plan Exposed


Then continue your citizen education with these links that show you the P R O O F of what the researchers found.



Read the new findings in the updated Fig. 3 and Table 1

UK is the target of this French operation.

SOPRO STERIA GROUP, FR50809. (Apr. 16, 2018). Filing AMF n° D.18-0329 dated April 13, 2018, Registration Document (2017), Annual Financial Report. Autorité Des Marchés Financiers.°-D-18-0329-Apr-13-2018-Reg-Doc-2017-Annual-Fin-Rprt-AMF-Apr-16-2018.pdf

chart 3chart 1raymond st giles

SOPRO STERIA GROUP, FR50809. (Apr. 16, 2018). Note 17, List of Group Companies, PDF pp. 192-194, Filing AMF n° D.18-0329 dated April 13, 2018, Registration Document (2017), Annual Financial Report. Autorité Des Marchés Financiers. PDF of List…

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California Wildfire: David Wilcock Exposes the Scorching Truth, Exclusive Interview (1 of 3)

California Wildfire: David Wilcock Exposes the Scorching Truth, Exclusive Interview (1 of 3)

Edge of Wonder

There has been much controversy over the #wildfire that recently struck #Paradise, #California, was it just a natural disaster or was it on purpose and if so who are the ones behind it?

Today on Edge of Wonder we sit down with author and researcher David Wilcock as he gives us this world exclusive interview on what he thinks is the cause and why it happened to this particular US city. And the answers to this question may just be out of this world.

So hold on tight as we present you with this part 1 of 3 series episode with David Wilcock on Edge of Wonder.

Ask Astrid Fridays ~ The Rabbit’s Corner: The Worth of Waiting

Tania Marie


I was reminded yesterday when I gave Astrid the first batch of her holiday gifts, just how much joy it brings to my heart to see her happy and giving her the things she deserves. This continued later in the evening over conversation with my sweet friend, Lynne, who is visiting, as I shared with her about the first time Astrid saw her Wonderland realm I’d created just for her and she dropped into a deep state of heartfelt gratitude. She stopped in her tracks and took it all in, then sat in overwhelming feelings she had always believed were possible, but hadn’t materialized outside of her belief until now. That was the most moving moment for me when she looked at everything then turned to me and wanted to snuggle – if her eyes could have shed tears they would have, but mine sure did. I heard her expression…

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 7 December 2018

Rainbow Wave of Light

The realisation that there is an undercurrent of change taking place is becoming apparent to many more people on Earth. It is also being noted that there seems to be more compassion for those souls in need more than ever before. The Human Race is going through a difficult period at present as those who see the greater picture understand the need for action now. More souls than ever are awakening to the needs of the Earth and her people, but struggle to get the support they need. It is a position from which they will emerge victorious but not without a fight.

Some still desire to remain in the old energies and all that they are familiar with, and are reluctant to let them go. Yet the new energies are gaining more power all of the time and it will be impossible to stop the changes from taking place…

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8 December 2018 Battle Plan — Julie Demboski’s ASTROLOGY


There’s no other way to say it, really: tamp down the delusions, quit allowing your most erratic energies to reign, and face head-on what’s been denied, avoided, ignored, or what enrages you; that’s the only way, I repeat, ONLY WAY, to make something of our current natural tendency to put our attention on what we […]

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The Fall Of Construct And The Rise Of The Ascending Self

SoulFullHeart Way Of Life

Yesterday in meditation, I got this image of the game called Jenga. For those that have not heard of it, it is a game where you stack blocks of wood in alternating directions and then take one piece out at a time so as to not collapse the structure.

This felt like an apt metaphor for the awakening and healing aspects of Ascension. As one awakens to a truth, whether emotional, experiential or learned, a structure or construct comes to light. You ‘see’ what is going on and how it has been the basis for what is perceived as reality. This is not just about an outer reality, but also an inner reality. It can be easier to see the outer matrix than the inner one.

This construct is built through our reactions and defenses to this life and soul woundings. It is a reality that seemed solid at one…

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Globalists Shut Down GALT Free Energy to the World to Protect Their Greedy Interests

Patriots for Truth

By AIM Patriot Condor

Just some quick observations and background comments about recent audio on Trump tweets…

citizens addicted to truth

I enjoyed the topics on December 5’s link: I wanted to bring your attention to a little bit of Thorium history involving your discussion of Kissinger and the Saudis at the 43 minute mark where Douglas mentioned…

Kissinger had used the carrot of capitalism…

Based on my research I wanted to mention my perspective of it being a carrot and stick proposal made by the teamwork of Kissinger and Pauley. This occurred in the early 1970s.

I agree the carrot was the untethered price of future, unrestricted, oil increases, in petrodollars, by both future OPEC countries and the Globalists…that is if Saudi Arabia did not nationalize their oil like other Arab countries were doing in the early 1970s.

The Saudis were warned they must be civilized and buy the…

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Citizens Demand the End of the Federal Reserve and Odious Debt

AIM Truth Bits

In this Conclave special report from the American Intelligence Media, Douglas Gabriel gives a brief overview of the origins of money, from the earliest temple coins to the fiat currencies of the world’s central banks. If citizens are going to demand the end of ODIOUS DEBT and the Federal Reserve, we need to understand what money is…and isn’t. We need to look at the ratlines of money and the evil allure of serving MAMMON.

Once you listen to this audio, you may want to continue your citizen education about the exchanges, stock market, federal reserve, silver, gold, etc. We have included some of our block buster citizen intelligence reports just under the video frame.

Citizens demand the end of the Federal Reserve

Exchange Casinos Control Practically Everything You Own


Beware the Banksters: Three Banking Syndicates Want to Enslave You


Time to Get Your Silver Bullets as We…

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